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同樣是高海拔大禹嶺烏龍好茶,與珍貴的香鯨唾液香料「龍涎香」同名,經120℃以上重焙火,茶香、火香濃郁交融, 龍涎香茶區晝夜溫差大,土壤含有豐富有機質,出產的龍涎香茶有葉片厚、果膠質濃、霜氣明顯、山氣重、喉韻強等特性,且口感相當醇厚,這種獨特的風味使得龍涎香經久猶濃,戀戀情深,無限嚮往。


It is also the high-altitude Dayuling Oolong Tea. It has the same name as the precious whale saliva spice “Ambergris”. 
After being roasted at over 120℃ ,the tea and fire aroma blend together. 
The ambergris tea has the characteristics of thick leaves, strong pectin, heavy mountain air and the taste is quite mellow. This unique flavor of ambergris is delicious with Long-lasting Fragrance, deep love, endless satisfaction.

翰林茶王/龍涎香 (10包裝) HanLin Top Grade Tea / Ambergris (10 Tea Bags)

SKU: 0005
  • Product Dimension:  13cm H x 8cm  W x 8cm D

    Product Weight: 95g

    Product Origin: Made in Taiwan

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