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Sri Lanka Black Tea

Sri Lanka black tea is a fully fermented tea. It is rich in Catechin oxidation products. The higher the content of Theaflavins, the better the quality of black tea. 

Consuming them can help remove free radicals and decrease cell damage in the body.

Jasmine Smoke Green Tea

Jasmine Smoke Green tea is a kind of non-fermented tea.

It is one of the most famous tea in Taiwan.

Very attractive, tender tea leaf, create a bright color tea.

Ice Peak Oolong Tea

Ice Peak Oolong Tea is a Taiwan specialty tea. It is strictly defined as the tea produced in the three villages of Zhangya, Yonglong and Phoenix at Nantou, Taiwan. 

It has multi-layered taste perception due to the change of the fermentation and the roasted process.

It tastes mellow and sweet with a pleasant aroma. it may boost metabolism and reduce stress

Roasted TieGuanYin

We selected the authentic Tieguanyin from Fujian Anxi China. Every Tea Leaf has been handcrafted through charcoal fire. Using the process of inheritance from ancient China, the tea is obtained by medium and heavy roasting to create the scent of sweet-scented osmanthus. 

Precious Pu-erh Tea

Precious Pu-erh tea is origin from Yunnan China.

The traditional Pu-erh tea is transformed to cake shaped and aged long time in order to create the Pu-erh unique fragrant.

The taste of the tea is mild and sweet.

Fresh Jade Green Tea

Fresh Jade Green Tea is a special variety of green tea.

It was found by company founder Mr.Tu Zhong Hu in 1986 from high attitude tea plantation. After successfully tested, he soon joint acquisition with trusted farmers and created the famous Fresh Jade Green Tea, dedicated to tea lovers. 

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