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Our Story

From Shiny Tea Canada Division Master Franchisor

We started our journey since 2013. We were a working middle class family who accidentally discovered this amazing tea from Shiny Tea in Taiwan. We decided to become the pioneer for bringing Taiwanese tea to Canada.

Our 5 year goal was to bring the original classic bubble tea, which was invented by The founder of HanLin, to vancouver. We started from a small store at Aberdeen Square with 5 people in the team. However, thing were not easy as it seems. We were facing tremendous challenges as renovation taking 8 months longer than expected due to lack of experience. We also run into inventory problems as business starts to take off. Despite all those challenges, we successfully opened 5 profitable stores across great Vancouver area and we are ready to expand our business across Canada.

Our goal right now is to help you establish your own tea business using our valuable experience. We can help you find great location, design and setting up store, show you how to operate your store, and the most important, help you to solve any unforeseen problems (trust me. you never know what lies ahead!).

Please fill up the application form below and we will contact you with the information you need.

We can’t wait to show you our plan. I believe you will be excited too.

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Thank you for your interest to join our team at Shiny Tea. We will contact you ASAP

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