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甜甜的草莓香以及翰林特選斯里蘭卡紅茶作基底。濃郁的紅茶在熱水沖泡中發放出讓人期待的香氣。結合草莓果粒後能表現出像戀愛般豐富多元的口感。滋味醇厚,回味雋永,是享受一杯浪漫下午茶的不二茶品 。


Sweet strawberry fragrance and Hanlin specially selected Sri Lankan black tea, The rich black tea releases the aroma when brewing in hot water. It is the best tea for a romantic afternoon.

特優級/草莓果粒紅茶 (10包裝) Excellent/Strawberry Pulp Black Tea (10 Tea Bags)

SKU: 0001
  • Product Dimension:  13cm H x 8cm  W x 8cm D

    Product Weight: 95g

    Product Origin: Made in Taiwan

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